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Size: Small
Color: Ash

GHOST S1 could be configured in different sizes by adding a TopHat of your choice. What you choose to use the extra space for is up to you, but we made it ready to fit the most common 120mm accessories like fans and radiators right out of the box. The architecture and configurability removes the traditional limits of SFF cases and lets your imagination set the boundaries.

  • GHOST S1 MkII TopHats for GHOST S1 MkII cases
  • Compatible with MkII and next-gen MkIII cases
  • Milled from solid blocks of aluminum
  • Sandblasted anodized aluminum exterior

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*Disclaimer: Due to the different surface treatment finish between the MkII and MkIII, mixing a MkII TopHat with a MkIII case may result in a slight difference in color tone.