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RAW performance packed in a highly distinct identity

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The Ghost Series

The Small Form Factor Benchmark

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LOUQE is back!

LOUQE is back!

What we've always wanted to do is to deliver high quality and well designed solutions to the market. After navigating through a labyrinth of regulations, engaging in numerous negotiations with supp...

Built for battle, built for the road

The ultimate esports competition chassis, used around the globe at ESL and DreamHack global events. Maximized RAW gaming power in a small, high-density format and footprint. A purpose-built battle station.

Designed and developed in Sweden

Through close interplay between enthusiasts, engineers and industrial designers LOUQE brings Scandinavian design and minimalism combined with RAW performance and sustainability to the playing field.

The quality you deserve

Milled from solid blocks of glass-blasted & hard-anodized magnesium reinforced aluminum, our cases offer a combination of price and quality likely matched by no one.


Ghost or RAW?

Both Ghost and RAW have been designed from the inside out, challenging the concept of an exoskeletal chassis.

It's up to you to decide which case to use, but we've made it ready to fit the most common hardware configurations and accessories right out of the box.

GHOST S1 MkIII Sale price$206.00 USD Regular price$325.00 USD
RAW S1 Sale price$162.00 USD Regular price$347.00 USD

Clean & minimalistic

Distinct identity

Volume & Weight

8.3L & 2.5kg

12.3L & 3.2kg

GPU support




What do our customers say?


Ease of build

This case is probably the easiest Mini-ITX case to build in


Excellent build quality

Excellent build quality and exceptional material choice


Look no further

Beautiful, elegant, high quality and functional, look no further


Simply amazing

Everything about this case is stunning, an amazing SFF case


Zero compromises

It is a simple, clean look that makes zero compromises


High expectations

This case has surpassed my high expectations

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