In the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, LOUQE burst onto the scene as a dynamic design and engineering collective. We're not just another player in the PC hardware game – we're here to shake things up with a fresh perspective on design, innovation, and customer experience.

Our journey began with a bold ambition: to redefine the standards of the PC entertainment and gaming hardware industry. Today, we're proud to say that our vision is making waves, leaving an indelible mark on the market.

At LOUQE, we're not just following trends – we're setting them. Join us on this electrifying journey as we continue to push boundaries and revolutionize the world of PC hardware.



Who exactly are the masterminds behind LOUQE? We're a diverse crew – engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs by day; gamers, professionals, and hobby enthusiasts by night. We're the restless souls who dare to dream big and chase those dreams with boundless energy.

"But here's the truth: we can't do it alone. While we may think we're pretty darn good, we know that true success lies in collaboration. That's why we've teamed up with a stellar network of partners and experts who share our passion for excellence. We've come to understand that greatness isn't achieved in isolation. By joining forces with top-notch engineers, designers, suppliers, and enthusiasts, we're revolutionizing product creation. Together, we're rewriting the rules, crafting superior products in record time. It's not just innovation – it's a movement."



At LOUQE, we're not just another brand – we're a dynamic platform for creative expression. When we spot a gap in the market, a spark of innovation, or simply a killer idea, we kickstart what we like to call a "pod." These pods are all about diving deep into a specific topic, angle, or theme – think of them as mission-driven projects.

The ones gaining traction and nearing fruition? Well, those get the spotlight treatment, with detailed presentations for you to dive into, react to, and even contribute your own ideas. At LOUQE, it's not just about making products – it's about co-creating the future.



It seems like just yesterday we marveled at the "magic" of the Duck Hunt gun, yet today, we casually toss around terms like 233 million pixels per second in our VR glasses like it's no big deal. The rapid evolution of technology, the rise of new applications, and the relentless demands of gaming platforms have propelled the industry to new heights.

Think about it: mastering Dota 2 in Seattle could make you richer than clinching a tiebreak at Wimbledon. Being a game developer is now the envy of millions. Today, we're the superheroes of our own stories.

With such high stakes, shouldn't our expectations for computer hardware be sky-high too? We certainly think so! We believe hardware should be more than just functional – it should be downright stunning. It should earn a spot in our living rooms, enticing us with excitement and fun. It should constantly innovate, pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

In short, we believe hardware should be LOUQE-WARE – because why settle for anything less?