We are engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We are gamers, demanding professionals, and hobby enthusiasts. We are energetic dreamers.

Louqe was founded in Stockholm Sweden as an entrepreneurial design and engineering collective with a firm belief that the PC hardware industry deserved a different angle to design, innovation and customer experience.


It feels like last Monday some of us wowed to the “magic” of the Duck Hunt gun - today we take the 233 Million pixels per second in our VR-glasses for granted. New technologies, new applications and demanding gaming platforms have pushed the industry to what it is today.

Today, acing Dota 2 in Seattle would get you richer than winning a tiebreak in the Wimbledon final, today working as a game developer is envied by millions, today we are super heroes.

The expectations on Computer Hardware ought to be sky high – right? We think we deserve to expect more! We believe hardware should be looking stunning, we believe hardware should deserve a place in the living room, we believe hardware should be exiting and fun, we believe hardware should be innovative and stretching the boundaries of our expectations, we believe hardware should be LOUQE-WARE.


Some things work right from the start. Other things keep on failing time and time again. All of us within the Louqe community have one thing in common - a constant curiosity to understand the dynamics behind failures. When we encounter imperfections and bad design our eyes start to glitter and spark. We get fueled by the endless opportunities we see to improve. With a joint effort, we gather the opportunities we stumble upon into a longlist - a gold rich pay-dirt awaiting to be panned.

Our process to investigate and assess the opportunities has been refined over years of trial and error. Originally loosely based on the principals of Design Thinking it is now a structured hodgepodge of tools and experiences accumulated by the team. When choosing what opportunity to tackle next, each idea in the longlist is assessed from three different angles; usability & desirability, viability, and feasibility.

  • - Are there enough people other than us who would see value in solving the identified issue?
  • - Is it possible to create a business around the opportunity?
  • - Can we create or leverage existing technology to solve the problem?

The opportunity then moves into the quasi-famous EDIPS-funnel:


We always start to dig deep into understanding the people we want to innovate for. What do they think? What do they feel? What motivates them? What… makes them tick? When we fully understand the person we innovate for the problems can be correctly defined. By understanding their needs we can design to meet them. In this phase, we look for the passion within!


With enough user insights, we move forward to define the user needs. We focus on the insights we find the most surprising. Solving for the known knowns is usually called "kicking in open doors" which we find bad practice. Innovation comes when exploring the unknowns. A clearly defined unknown is the best secret sauce of the ideate phase 



This is the only time we go for quantity above quality. "No's" are banned and we mass-produces ideas which could potentially satisfy the needs identified in the previous phase. Critical thinking is left out for the first part of this phase in favor for creativity and boundlessness. By keeping the target on the defined needs and leveraging the generated insights quality will prevail


Build to learn! Rapid prototyping is the backbone of our process. Producing physical prototypes allows us to test our solutions directly with the end-user and get instant feedback. The prototype only need to resemble the intended product. It has happened more than once that the lack of quality in the prototype has generated new features and changes which never would have seen the light of day


When EDIP has been iterated enough times and we jointly agree that the solution is ready to be launched we move into the scale phase. Depending on the product or solution the path taken can look very differently. This is where the real magic happens. If you would like to peak behind the curtain, feel free to reach out and apply for membership and you might get the opportunity!


Louqe is not a brand, it’s a platform for creation. When we see an unmet market expectation, an untested innovation or just have a goddamn great idea we initiate what we call a pod. The pods all circle around a topic, an angle, or a theme - let's call it a project mission to make it simple. On this page, we present teasers of our active pods, the ones that are reaching materialization are usually presented in more detail for you to react on and contribute to.


Is really design and performance a contradictory? Looking at computer hardware on the market today, that tends to be the truth (?). The Ghost project aims to deliver state of the art architecture, flexibility, and performance wrapped in a Scandinavian, minimalistic, and refined package - uncompromised.

= DESIGN (?)

Humor, file formats and Sashimi are all best served raw. But how does raw performance taste? The Raw project aims to put the pro gamers’ and users’ performance in an unchallenged front seat. The result will (hopefully) look as good as it tastes ;)


Let’s disrupt. Modularity and flexibility in a world of standardization. The Void project aims to avoid voids, securing a modular and flexible platform that only contains what you need



Who are those Louqe guys? We are a team of entrepreneurial designers and engineers. We founded Louqe with the ambition of changing the expectations of the PC entertainment and gaming hardware industry - forever.

"Even if we sometimes believe we are good enough on our own to meet that promise, we are not! The success of our projects all rest in the hands of our beloved partners and network. We’ve learned the lesson that you need great people to create great stuff. That's why we spent a lot of time, effort, and persuasion in finding and partnering up with some of the best engineers, designers, suppliers, innovators, gurus, fans and end-users the market has to offer - together we can create better products, more efficiently in shorter time than the old fashion way"


"This might actually work"


""It looks so sassy I wanna eat it"




"...told you so"


"Just give it to me already"